Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cooking, Canning & some quilting

Canning: pickles, fresh refrigerator pickles and onions, Walla Walla sweet onions. Lots of them. I love to make fresh pickles. They keep for months--that is, I haven't tested this out. Mine don't last that long. I made dill, bread & butter and some inbetween.
Today, I made three batches of apple pie filling. I purchased a Frisper. It's a small version of a Food Saver. I had one of those awhile back. It failed more than is succeeded. I like this one because it's a whole lot cheaper and reuses it's ziplock bags. Love that! It punches a small hole in the bag, sucks the air out and then seals the hole. You'll know if it failed as you can hear bubbling and the bag is full. I find the hole and center it and have the thing redo it. Then you have a sealed bag. I froze the pie fillings. Didn't feel like getting the canner out today. These apples were purchased in a fruit stand near Leavenworth the other day. They are Gravenstein apples, my favorite. Should grow them but.....
Made some strawberry and now blackberry jam using the newly acquited Jam Maker. It has low sugar recipes that need more fruit than sugar and the jams are so darn good. Really good. Will be picking more blackberries to do more jam. The jam maker doesn't do a large batch which usually is OK with me. With grandkids around, I need to make a large batch. Make some at a time is no big deal.
Quilting: started on the cutting and sewing of some Churn Dash blocks for a quilt called All Hallows Eve. It's my Halloween quilt. Finally....... so excited to see it done. It uses scrap black and orange fabric throughout and a background fabric with witches,cats and brooms. Just too cute. Will probably put multiple spider webs all over it. Need to find a black cat to applique in the large block. Didn't like the one that came with the pattern. The pattern is in a fantastic magazine called Primitive Quilts. This last issue had some many great projects, it was hard to select which one to start with. I am making several from that issue. Which reminds me, I must go.....

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