Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilts for a Tragedy

I've never asked this before, but someone I know has probably lost her daughter, daughter's fiancee, and her mother and father in the landslide near Oso, Washington. Many lives are presumed gone. I know that quilts provide comfort in so many ways. Nicole is a longarm quilter and has been living her life in Texas the last few years. She grew up in Darrington, WA. Talented and lovely lady. It breaks my heart that she's dealing with this. Obviously not alone. Trying to rescue or find the missing ones is treacherous work for the fireman and other rescue workers. They all need some comfort. What I'm asking is can anyone provide a quilt? Any size? Any batting? I'll get it to that community. The people who have lost their homes have lost everything.
I own a longarm quilting machine and will be doing some quilt tops which I'll finish and get them to Oso. I'll be making the trip up mid-April.
Let me know if you can help. I'd really appreciate it.


  1. Thank you Sylvia for the offering. The Oso Landslide is such a tragedy. We all here know somebody or knew of someone and some of us knew almost everyone.
    I hope someone out there reads this. I will pass it on. MB