Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oso quilts

I feel blessed everyday when an email comes in saying someone is donating a quilt. Thank all of you who are doing this. I know you feel as I do. Helpless, wanting to do something. Knowing a good bunch of humans are hurting right now. Catastrophic is a word we don't hear very often. Thank goodness. It represents things are are incomprehensible. At least to me.
I looked at my daughter today. I am blessed she is here, healthy, great mother to her sons. She's here. My friend lost her daughter and parents in this horrible mud slide. This makes you think what is important in your life.
Today I put my hands over a quilt top I made for my mother. I was going to deliver it when I planned to visit her. She died before I could wrap it around her. She would have loved it. I put a special color as the inner border on the quilt just to make her smile. Now, I think it would make her happy that someone in need will get the pleasure of this gift. She taught me to give. If having a roof over your head, food in the cupboard, family that loves you were God's gifts. If we met someone in need, my Mom always gave whatever she had to help them.  Sometimes it meant we had beans and rice for dinner that night. I didn't know at the time that was "poor folks dinner." We gladly ate it. She would have given away the chicken or roast we would have had. I grew up watching her do that and when I got my driver's license, I delivered many things to people in need. It's what we did.
Finding people in this world my Mom would have called "friends" is quite a pleasure. It does make me happy.
I bid you all a good night and sweet dreams. Tomorrow, if it comes your way, treasure it. Use it up!

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