Friday, August 15, 2014

Pickled Onions and Banana Peppers

First you have to slice them, or cut into chunks. I'm not picky! Add a few slices of banana peppers or whatever peppers you have growing in the garden. We have a surplus crop this year. I'm excited, because I've never been able to grow lots of peppers. I love to add garlic, mustard seeds and apple cider vinegar. The local sweet onions come from eastern Washington. They are known to be like the Vidalia onion and the Maui sweet onions. All I know is I love pickled onions. So tomorrow we pickle and can. I've done the quick refrigerator versions but I can't eat them quick enough, so this year I'm doing both.
Other fantastic news, son comes home tomorrow after his second chemo session. I am so happy he's getting out of the hospital and coming home!
If anyone wants the recipe for what I'm doing. Check the next blog post. Just felt like blogging today!
Have a great one. More later......

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